Purchase Solar wind energy from Local area


What is the difference between Greenpower and Local Power?

LocalPower is sourced only from small scale solar PV systems.  Typically these systems are installed on household roofs.  By purchasing LocalPower you are supporting local, small scale power generation owned by ordinary householders. 

Greenpower is sourced from larger renewable energy generators.  These might be wind farms or large solar generators.  Greenpower is a regulated product that goes through a government accreditation system and is exactly the same as what you might buy from your electricity retailer.  The difference is that we tell you exactly where your Greenpower comes from – for example, it might come from a wind farm you pass while driving down the highway, or from a large solar farm.  By purchasing Greenpower through us, you are supporting the development of large renewable energy generators – our difference is that you can choose which one you want to support.

What do I get when I purchase Local Power?

When you purchase LocalPower, you are purchasing Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).  One STC is equivalent to 1000kWh of electricity from a small solar PV system. To read more about STCs, you can visit the website of the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator here: http://ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/Certificates/Small-scale-Technology-Certificates/what-is-stc

STCs are audited and certified by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).  When you purchase LocalPower, we surrender STCs on your behalf.  This mean they cannot be used or sold again, and new solar generators need to be installed to make up the shortfall.  We will give you a certificate with a unique STC number for each STC you buy.  You can look up this STC in CER’s database and see it for yourself.

What do I get when I purchase Greenpower?

When you purchase Greenpower, you are purchasing Large Generation Certificates (LGCs).  One LGC is equivalent to 1000kWh of electricity from a large renewable energy generator.  You can find out more about LGCs by referring to CER’s website.  Large renewable energy generators must be audited and accredited to produce Greenpower.  Our Greenpower is exactly the same as Greenpower you can buy from you electricity retailer – our difference is that we will tell you exactly which renewable energy generator your Greenpower comes from.  You will receive a certificate for each individual unit of Greenpower you purchase and you can look this up in CER’s database for yourself.

Where does my power come from?

Your Local Power or Greenpower comes from a specific renewable energy generator in your area.  We will provide you with a certificate that you can check on CER’s database for yourself.  For privacy reasons, we cannot tell you the exact address of small generators located on private houses, but we can tell you which suburb it’s in.

How do I calculate how much to buy?

You can use our online calculator to calculator to calculate how much Greenpower or Local Power to buy.  You will need your last four electricity bills.