Purchase Solar wind energy from Local area

For Businesses

Why choose LocalPower for your business?

LocalPower offers your business an easy way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support local, small-scale renewable energy generation. 

If you are a local business, there’s no better way to demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy in your area.  You can choose which suburb your renewable energy comes from and save money purchasing renewable energy for your business.  We offer lower rates than your electricity retailer and the freedom to choose where your renewable energy comes from. 

You can choose the amount of LocalPower or GreenPower you would like to purchase. If you purchase a minimum of 10 per cent GreenPower you will be eligible to use the GreenPower logo in your marketing material.

To be eligible to place your business logo and gain exposure on the GreenPower website home page, you must purchase a minimum of 50 per cent.

We offer automatic monthly billing for an amount of renewable energy determined by you.  Alternatively, you can send us your bills each month and we will provide you with 100% LocalPower to meet your power needs.