Purchase Solar wind energy from Local area


LocalPower is electricity generated from small scale renewable energy generators such as household solar photovoltaic generators. When you purchase LocalPower, you are purchasing Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).  One STC is equivalent to 1000kWh of electricity from a small solar PV system. To read more about STCs, you can visit the website of the Clean Energy Regulator here: http://ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/Certificates/Small-scale-Technology-Certificates/what-is-stc

STCs are audited and certified by the Clean Renewable Energy Regulator (CER).  When you purchase LocalPower, we surrender STCs on your behalf.  This means they cannot be used or sold again, and new solar generators need to be installed to make up the shortfall.  We will give you a certificate with a unique number for each unit of LocalPower you buy.  You can look this up in the CER’s database and see it for yourself. 

LocalPower is not government accredited like GreenPower, but is audited, fully traceable and registered in the same government database as the certificates that make up GreenPower so you can feel confident knowing exactly where your LocalPower came from.